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Breathe it, live it, be it!

It starts being your idea until it become the worlds’!

Building a startup from scratch is a long-term project.
It’s not enough to have THE IDEA of the century, let alone to just give it a try.
Building a startup takes time, escalating effort, sheer work and above all, an infallible determination.

A startup is initiated by an idea that evolves and becomes more complex with the founders reflecting on it.

Then comes a time when the startup and its founders merge seamlessly as it won’t take until they give it their all!

So yeah, they live it, breathe it, until they start being it!

At this stage, the startup is half the way to the top but can quickly fall back if its founders give up. You would think they’d be crazy to give up after all they’ve been through to get it there but some founders aren’t solid enough to get through all the pitfalls.

As Elon Musk said once quoting his friend: 


Founders should have an exceptionally high pain threshold, indeed, as it’s not all perfumes and roses. There’s more failure to it then success and founders should not stumble against negative outcomes. And when success comes, it does usually come in small portions, but boy how tasty these can be!!!

So through these scarce successes, the startup reaches its early adopters and there would be only a little remaining until the whole world acknowledges its existence.

As troubling as this can sound, the more advanced the startup is in its path, the more difficult it becomes to reach its ultimate public. It’s this line between early adopters and wide public that takes the most efforts and innovativeness. Yup, it is pain all the way up!

It compares to climbing Mount Everest.

How difficult would it be near the peak? But how rewarding in the mean time?!

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